Pre Licensing, Post Licensing & CE Classes Are Resuming

Dear Valued Real Estate Student,

Fonville Morisey Center for Real Estate Studies is in business, however, we are not currently offering live classes per a strong recommendation from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. This decision was made for the protection of our students, agents and instructors. Yesterday, the NCREC created emergency rules that are effective for 60 days to protect the interest of Prelicensing, Postlicensing and Continuing Education Students. The emergency rule will allow for “Synchronous Distance-Learning” which means the instructor and student are separated only by distance and not time. The Commission is also granting all brokers and provisional brokers an extension of time to complete postlicensing or continuing education classes. If you are register for a class that was cancelled or is yet to begin, you will receive a separate eMail regarding how to complete that class, if your class is still scheduled for the same date and time, or if it has been moved forward in time.

Q: When will these rules go into effect?
A: The two rules will be effective on March 26.

Q: How long will these rules be effective?
A: Emergency rules are effective for maximum of 60 days. A temporary rulemaking process has also been initiated. The Commission has the ability to make some changes as necessary depending on the circumstances as we move forward. We will keep you informed via email and/or the Commission’s website.

Q: Will Fonville Morisey offer in-person courses on and after March 26?
A: No. All in-person classes must be cancelled or suspended through April 30.

Q: Will Fonville Morisey offer in-person courses between now and March 26?
A: No, we will not be offering in person courses during this time, the Commission strongly recommends against it. The Commission reminds us that the President has advised us all to cancel or avoid gatherings of more than 10 people and Governor Cooper has issued a directive for no gatherings of more than 50 people in North Carolina.

Q: Will Fonville Morisey Center for Real Estate Studies begin advertising synchronous distance learning courses now?
A: YES! We hope to have synchronous distance courses available to finish Prelicensing Courses that were interrupted, and to commence new Postlicensing and Continuing Education Courses. Keep in mind, you may choose to take an ONLINE Elective CE which is also available to you on the Website.

Q: Is synchronous distance learning the same as “live-streaming?”
A: No. Synchronous distance learning requires that the student and instructor can communicate in a real-time environment, and that student attendance can be monitored.

Q: How can student attendance be monitored in a distance learning environment?
A: Many synchronous learning products include student attendance monitoring mechanisms. Fonville Morisey will be using a product that includes that function. We may also have a moderator in all classes to check in students and to monitor student attendance and participation.

Q: The emergency rules eliminate the requirement for end-of-course testing for Pre and Post courses. Will Fonville Morisey require a test?
A: This is yet to be determined. Our instructors will provide a number of practice exams to help students navigate testing challenges.

Q: What if I am in the midst of a PRE or POST licensing class that was suspended. What are my options?
A: Students in the midst of a PRE or POST licensing class will be notified when we are ready to resume the class as a distance class. Student will have the option to continue the class they are in currently, receive a full refund, or apply their tuition to a class in the future. If the student chooses to apply their tuition to a class in the future, it will be like starting all over.

Q: Will Fonville Morisey offer the GENUP & BICUP courses via a synchronous distance platform, and how will I get a copy of the student manual?
A: Yes. All Schools are required to provide a copy of the student manual to each student; however, Commission rules do not require a printed version to be provided. We will be making a pdf version available on our Website.

Q: I plan to offer Prelicensing and Postlicensing courses via a synchronous distance platform. Do I still have to assure that each student has a copy of the approved textbook?
A: Yes. Modern Real Estate Practices in NC and The Real Estate Manual are available electronically. Students can provide a receipt or other proof that they have the textbook.

Q: Are PSI testing centers open?
A: We received notice within the past hour that PSI will be closing all testing centers at 5:00pm today. They will remain closed until at least April 13. We will provide updates as we receive them for those of you who have successfully completed your Prelicensing in class exams.

I hope this correspondence provides a bit of clarity regarding our current situation. We are moving as expeditiously as possible to get classes up and running to meet your educational needs. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Dwayne Holloway, Director
Fonville Morisey Center For Real Estate Studies
(919) 781-7270

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